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Blue Fox 2022 Subscription Titles

We've launched a range of subscription products that allow customers to receive discounts on future Blue Fox single issues. We have monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly options.

Everyone who chooses a subscription frequency greater than 1 month reduces their postage, as the comics are sent at longer intervals.

  • Monthly subscribers will receive one issue every month.
  • Quarterly subscribers receive three comics every three months.
  • Six-Monthly subscribers receive six comics every six months.
  • Yearly subscribers receiver twelve comics every twelve months.

The subscriptions start from February 2022, and with the following books:

  • February - System Error #1 (Phil Chapman)
  • March - Clodagh #2 (Simon Birks, Willi Roberts)
  • April - Hob's Lane #2 (Martin Hayes, RHStewart, Paul Mclaren)
  • May - Gone #4 (Simon Birks, Sebastian Chow, Lyndon White)
  • June - System Error #2 (Phil Chapman)
  • July - Powers Fearful & Divine #2 (Cy Dethan, RHStewart, Nic Wilkinson)
  • August - Clodagh #3 (Simon Birks, Willi Roberts, Rob Jones)
  • September - System Error #3 (Phil Chapman)
  • October - Hob's Lane #3 (Martin Hayes, RHStewart, Paul Mclaren)
  • November - Sinners #5 (Simon Birks, RHStewart, Lyndon White)
  • December - 

We will be adding to this list as we finalise our titles. Please be aware this list may change, depending on book availability.

To see our subscription products, use the 'Subscriptions' menu option.