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How to run a comic book Kickstarter - A Guide - Introduction

Posted by Simon Birks on

We ran our first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in 2015 for Sinners #1, which, as it so happens, was our first ever comic. The success of Blue Fox Comics has largely relied on using crowdfunding, and, to date we've run and fulfilled over 60 successful campaigns.

Whilst I would never say I was an expert in anything, I can say that there is a wealth of experience I've accumulated, which I'd like to offer others.

I'm going to try and write a guide which will help you. It will be focused on comics, but I'm certain many of the principles can be applied more generally.

I will update this first post with links as and when I post new entries. If there is a subject I haven't covered, or if you have a specific question on a subject, please ask it here.

Find out more about Blue Fox here.


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