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Redmerrow Chronicles - An Epic RPG Adventure for 5E - PDF

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Redmerrow Chronicles - “A Great Sickness” is a 5E one-shot for the World’s greatest role playing game. 60+ page resource containing everything you need to run the adventure. 

Jumping into the world of DMing can be intimidating, so this book is designed to be new player friendly allowing you to find your feet as a DM while providing a narrative safety net to fall back on.

On the night of the twin moon eclipse, it is said that the gateway formed from the astral plane to ours, allowing a stronger connection between gods and mortals. On this day, 25 years ago, the Sisters of ‘Adlena’ (The Goddess of Health and Purity,) prayed to their deity asking her for a way to help them heal the world. Able to answer their prayers, she gifted them with the ‘Great Healing Tree’ which has continued to grow to this day.

Respecting this gift from the Goddess, the King proclaimed that its power belongs to everyone, vowing to protect it from corruption and providing its healing powers at no cost to anyone who may need them. Capable of curing any known poison or toxin, people travel far and wide to visit The Great Healing Tree.

However, not all benefitted from this blessing. Renown Alchemist, Arthur Greyfell, who specialised in poisons, finds his alchemical dynasty in ruins. Having no way to recover, Arthur vowed that he would seek revenge by promising to destroy the tree. 

For decades the Red Merrow Islands prospered with good health and heavy trade flow from across the world. All the while Arthur shut himself away from the world choosing to hide in his decaying Manor while secretly experimenting in fusing his alchemy creations with dark magic and even demonic worship. 

Now present day, Recently hired mercs the players find themselves traveling to the Great Healing Tree in search of a cure for a strange and devastating poison taking over their crew. The players arrive unbeknownst to them that Greyfell’s revenge has finally begun. Can the Heroes stop him and save the crew?

Written and drawn by Ben Edwards.