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Monuments: A Branching Narrative Hardback

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Monuments collects the first three adventures of A Branching Narrative, the gamebook newsletter 'A Branching Narrative' from Simon Birks.

Quest 1: The Watchtower - The tower is high, though it looked higher before you scaled the rock-face which supports it. You have been chosen for your skills, and you must not fail.

Quest 2: Vents! - You wake with a start, confused by all the noise. There are at least two different alarms blaring, and you can hear people moving around on the spaceship. Clearly, this was not the best space faring vessel to stowaway on.

Quest 3: Entombed - You awake and everything is dark. The ground beneath you is cold and hard, and when you turn your hands over and press your fingers into it, it feels like stone. Not only, that, but your elbows scrape against more stone either side of you, and the air, well, there's nothing fresh about it.

All you need to play is a pencil and two six-sided die.