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How to run a comic book Kickstarter - First Steps

Posted by Simon Birks on

I'm not one to be known for writing too much when it comes to communication.

There are several super important tenets that should be noted at the beginning of thinking about doing a Kickstarter.

  • E-mail list - this is something you need to create if you haven't got one. Blue Fox use Substack for this. Start with your nearest and dearest, ask them if they'd like to be on your list, and fan out from there. You can generally ask backers if they'd like to sign up after you've had a successful campaign, but before-hand, it's a lot of asking.
  • Finished product - Blue Fox go into their Kickstarters with the issue/graphic novel/gamebook completed beforehand. It's too easy for things to go wrong, and you do not want that to happen.
  • Back a few Kickstarters yourself. The old 'skin in the game' - it's important, and a metric that potential backers will see on your campaign page. Why should they back you if you've not backed anyone else? You don't have to pledge for an expensive tier, and can even pledge the minimum amount for the campaign.
  • Look at Kickstarter, see what people are offering as rewards. It'll give you a good idea what to look into, and you can start asking for rough quotes.

That's enough for now. The E-mail list is super important, and will take a while to build up. There are no shortcuts unless you're Keanu Reeves, and I'm pretty sure he'd tell you there were no shortcuts either.


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